The King County PCT

Who We Are:

The KCPCT is a working committee that meets to coordinate Peacemaking activities in King County. The members of the committee include community partners, faith-based leaders, parents, local residents, young people, as well as leaders and personnel from county and state agencies and key stakeholders from the King County criminal justice system.

Our Roles and Responsibilities

  • Review all referrals to the KCPCT to determine suitability for circle process
  • Plan and coordinate the process including: preparation of participants and logistics of circle, agreements with all involved parties and follow-up needed between and after completion of the process
  • Ensure the quality and integrity of the Peacemaking Circle Process
  • Work closely with the justice system and community participants including offenders and victims
  • Ensure that all guidelines and agreements are made through consensus, are meeting reasonable expectations and can be held by all participants throughout the entire process
  • Complete appropriate documents to report back and ensure compliance with the justice system requirements and the community process
  • Ensure the process creates a space to address harms caused and move toward accountability
  • Coordinate all necessary and appropriate planning stages of Peacemaking Circle(s).
  • Maintain confidentiality with the exception of revelation of harm to self or others.

Our Goals and Objectives

  • Increase community relationships and support for victims and offenders by utilizing community resources and community members including family members, relatives, and friends.
  • Address harm and healing for the individuals involved as well as for the community
  • Engage the offender(s) in a process that leads to full accountability for the harms caused and to determine appropriate reparation
  • Determine sentencing agreements that are reflective of the victim’s satisfaction with the process, the community’s expectations for safety, and the offender’s understanding of harms caused and reparations needed