Our Vision

Welcome to the King County Peacemaking Coordinating Team!

The King County Peacemaking Coordinating Team (KCPCT) facilitates peacemaking circles that resolve criminal cases and focus on healing and community restoration rather than punishment. The members of the committee include community partners, faith-based leaders, parents, local residents, young people, and key stakeholders from county and state agencies including the King County criminal justice system.

The King County Peacemaking Coordinating Team envisions a community in peace where everyone matters and belongs.

Our mission is to transform broken lives affected by crime through peacemaking circles.

Our core values include:

  • Interconnected relationships
  • Honoring and celebrating one another
  • Partnering and collaborating

As we enter this work, we are mindful of the legacy of the Tagish Tlingit First Nation in the Yukon and their partners. Mark Wedge and Harold Gatensby, Tagish Tlingit leaders, and Barry Stuart, Chief Justice in the Canadian Judicial system, have shared this work all over the world. They have said, “We pass this on to everyone as a gift to use to promote healthy communities.”

One of those who has received this gift is Saroeum Phoung. Saroeum is instrumental in forming many people in the peacemaking process in King County. His work has been transformative in the King County juvenile system. For this, we are most thankful!